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Questions about the topic of ball bearings

How do I choose the right bearing?

One must, before selecting bearings, know or define the requirements profile of the application. Space, bearing arrangement, speed, loads, required stiffness, lubrication, etc. are parameters which must be considered. You can make your choices based on bearing data.
You can find more here or on page 57 et seq as well as 80and81 in our catalog in the download area.
You can also contact our technical applications consultants.

Where do I find technical data on GMN high-precision ball bearings?

The Ball Bearings chapter shows complete technical information under “Engineering” on the topics of construction, design, lubrication, tolerances, key bearing data and bearing calculations. Handling shows you everything you need to know about correct handling of bearings, installation preparation as well as the process of greasing the bearings.

You can find this information in our main catalog, “High Precision Ball Bearings,” which is available in the download area. You can also find further information as well as technical information sheets.
You can find technical information about a specific type of bearing in our data sheets in your product search.

What doe the suffixes and prefixes mean in a bearing name?

The meaning of suffixes and prefixes for a GMN ball bearing name are explained in the nomenclature scheme in our catalog (spindle bearings: Page 20, grooved bearings: Page 50). Information about decrypting other manufacturers’ names can be found on page 44.
You can also contact our technical applications consultants for further information.

What RPM limits are in place for GMN ball bearings?

The RPM’s shown in the bearing tables are nominal limit values, which are related to individual bearings which are pre-stressed with springs or under average conditions. If operating conditions are different than those stated, one must take correction factors into account (the correction factors and RPM values are standard values).

You can find more here.

If you have questions about your specific application, you can also contact GMN.

What life expectancy do bearings have for my application?

The exact calculation of life expectancy of a ball bearingandbearing system take a lot of effort, and is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • Size of frame
  • Bearing play
  • Lubrication (oil or grease)
  • Temperatures on the components
  • Production tolerances and connection dimensions of the external components
  • RPM

The probable life of a bearing can be determined using the material fatigue under defined operating conditions.
GMN’s Globus program offers technicians, designers and developers the opportunity to calculate ball bearings in a simple and easy manner. The catalog data and calculation results can be seen right away.

GMN uses modern calculation software to lay out individual bearings as well as complex bearing systems. Technical applications consultants would be happy to work with you in designing your application.

What is O, X or tandem arrangement?

Bearing pairs can be installed in an O, X or tandem arrangement. The pressure lines for force flows describe either an X or an O.  In a parallel alignment, the bearings are mounted in tandem. With stiff bearing pre-tensioning, specified bearing pairs in O, X or tandem arrangements offer an effective, cost-effective and technical solution for many applications.
You can find further information here.

Where can I buyandorder GMN high-precision ball bearings?

GMN is represented country-wide by many distributor partners. They are available to you as contacts to answer your questions about our products in regards to delivery times, price, storage, technical information, etc. You can find a list of our distributors in Germany and an overview of representatives abroad here.

Who are my GMN contacts for commercial and technical information about GMN high-precision ball bearings?

You can find your contact for the ball bearings area by responsibility under ‘contact’. The GMN sales team would be happy to answer your questions by telephone or email.