More than 50% of all bearing damage results from insufficient lubrication, more than 40% are caused by design and installation faults as well as contamination. Less than 1% of all roller bearings fail due to material or manufacturing errors.

GMN’s bearing service helps you to avoid these failures.

Bearing analysis

GMN’s bearing analyses provide differentiated conclusions about the causes of impact and provide solutions which ensure reliable operation when using bearings.

  • Determination of the cause(s) of bearing damage or inadequate processing results
  • Consultation about causes
  • Avoiding similar or like damage
  • Optimization of storage with regard to machine running time, processing accuracy and performance
  • Use the analysis results for product improvements

GMN offers comprehensive investigation procedures for bearing analysis.

  • Noise testing
  • Measurement examination (bearing and component measurement)
  • Microscopic examination (including SEM)
  • Lubricant testing
  • Computational test (e.g., control of bias)
  • Analysis of weaknesses

In order to achieve concrete and meaningful results during the analysis of the bearing, the following procedures must be used:

  • Remove the bearing immediately after the damage/anomaly has occurred
  • Design (fixed and floating bearing, load direction, drawing and sketch)
  • Send bearing uncleaned with all parts
  • Application, operating conditions, load, speed and running time


Based on many years of experience in the practical application of machine components GMN offers comprehensive consulting services in the area of high-precision ball bearings as well as competent services which support a successful design as well as a long-term economic operation of machine systems.

  • Bearing selection, bearing calculation, life expectancy calculation, characteristic values, bearing frequencies, installation dimensions, etc.
  • Tribology, lubrication, lubricant selection,
  • Grease fat consumption calculation
  • Reconciliation of competition products
  • Optimizations for special applications
  • Special solutions
  • Damage analysis


At customer sites as well as in our facilities GMN offers qualified training both in theory and practice for high-precision ball bearings and their use.
The topics and contents of the training are established to meet customer requirements.

  • Basics: Products, designs, materials, precision and tolerances
  • Engineering: Nomenclature, bearing selection, bearing arrangements, preload, tuning, lubrication, calculation
  • Assembly: Workplace design, tools, control measures, greasing, assembly, grease distribution
  • Bearing analyses: Basics of bearing examinations, procedures, GMN’s examination possibilities