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GMN spindle technology

Based on our many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality machine components, GMN has specialized in the area of spindles and the production of high-performance and robust products for various applications.

Decades of experience in development and top precision in manufacturing GMN machine spindles with certification under national and international quality standards secures permanent outstanding characteristics in regards to bearings, Speed suitability and machining.

The options for standardized series offer the best spindle solutions for nearly all applications. A variety of successfully-implemented GMN special designs confirms that we can develop outstanding, high-performance products to assist our customers in extraordinary construction projects.


Benefits for our customers:

  • Over 80 years of experience in spindle technology
  • High Precision spindle bearings from our own factory
  • Excellent performance
  • Reliable operational safety
  • Use of quality components of selected premium manufacturers
  • Consistently outstanding quality characteristics
  • Wide selection of equipment options
  • Special solutions in every lot size
  • 24-hour spindle service



We can ensure that GMN high-speed spindles run with absolute operational security, and always achieve excellent performance values using high-quality and continuously improved components.

Applications areas

Powerful, long-lived, precise: GMN spindle technology stands for quality and efficiency, and is well-suited to your grinding, milling, drilling or special applications.

Using GMN spindle technology

GMN’s high-speed spindles are used in tool and die construction, in microcapping, machining components for aerospace technology and in many other areas. See an example here from the aircraft industry.

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Assured performance

High-speed spindles from GMN are designed for extremely high machining speeds in machining. Their performance profile is for maximum key speed values which achieve the outstanding smoothness.

Spindle groups

GMN spindles cover a broad speed range - as grinding spindles of up to 250,000 RPM - and are extraordinarily resilient. You can obtain the best spindle for your tasks from a broad series of designs and options.

Housing designs

GMN offers several housing forms for its high-frequency spindles, which can be combined as needed with various spindle types.



The functionality, effectiveness and lifetime of your spindle can be increased with the right accessories.

IDEA-4S for continuous spindle monitoring and improved production performance

IDEA-4S stands for “Integrated Data Acquisition and Evaluation for Spindles”. It helps to achieve greater power and better performance with all kinds of drives. However, the small embedded system can do even more: it ensures the perfect IIoT (= Industrial Internet of Things) connection of the drive components and the digitization of the drive technology.

It is suitable for machine tool motor spindles, such as milling spindles and grinding spindles, and for other drives and test bench motors.


Spindle service

GMN’s spindle service is always there for consulting, installation, analysis, repair and training. We can react quickly and flexibly to your personal needs thanks to years of experience and our outstanding, well-trained professionals.