Freewheels service life

GMN sprag type freewheel clutches place the highest demands on the material and processing quality to achieve the longest possible service life.

Idle operation

The constant friction contact of sprags with connecting parts during idle operation causes material wear which limits the service life of sprag type freewheel clutches. Freewheel clutches with a tension spring offer outstanding operating conditions for applications with high idle operation rotary speed requirements (backstops, overrunning clutches).

Indexing operation

Torque-dependent distortion forces (Hertz pressures) act on relevant freewheel clutch components during indexing operation and these lead to material fatigue over the long-term. In particular, applications in which there are continuous high indexing frequencies can produce micro-fractures and material chipping.


Service life calculation

GMN has an analysis program which can project freewheel clutch service life under special consideration for indexing frequency and torque requirements. The results of service life duration calculations for specific application profiles are available on request.