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Non-contact seals

The machine tool industry and its end users are continuously demanding the utmost in quality in every aspect of their machine.
Highly specialized components are resulting in shorter process time, higher rotating speed, flexible material characteristics and a huge range of operating conditions. Simultaneously, new energy-saving solutions and maintenance-free characteristics are increasing economic efficiency of modern machine systems.
Based on decades of experience, GMN has specialized in producing extremely high quality machine tool components.
Through this strategy, GMN manufactures a wide range of standard non-contact seals and customized solutions.
The frictionless, no-wear characteristics of GMN non-contact seals offer effective, economical and ecological solutions for modern applications in and outside of the machine tool industry.


Benefits for our customers:

  • Frictionless
  • Wear-free (unlimited service life)
  • Abrasion-free
  • Compact design
  • High speeds
  • High energy efficiency
  • Flexible material properties and designs
  • Operating temperatures up to 200 °C


Non-contact seals are not just a replacement for established seal solutions, but also expand and supplement the existing range, particularly for high speeds, for dynamically sensitive systems and for systems with high cleanliness requirements.


Thanks to the non-contact design of the inner and outer ring, GMN labyrinth seals guarantee completely frictionless operation and therefore offer a wide range of benefits for a whole host of applications and uses.

GMN non-contact seals in use

GMN seals fulfill all key requirements and seal even in extreme spray exposure. Take a look at an application example from the field of rail vehicle technology.

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We offer solutions for different branches of industry in a variety of designs (CF, S/SA, L/M). Selection criteria include the design of the bearings to be sealed, the size and the material the non-contact seals are made from.


GMN seals are the best choice for challenging seal problems and increase the service life of a system significantly when used correctly.