The asynchronous and synchronous motors we use, are optimally designed for every application.


High-performance, stiff and reliable motor spindles are manufactured for many areas of application and a significant condition for cost-effective manufacturing. Depending upon the machining task, it’s important to be able to use a broad variety of different tools in accordance with their performance capabilities:

Large tools require high performance at relatively low speeds.
Small tools often work with relatively low performance needs.

GMN’s high-speed spindles can cover these requirements to the greatest degree with one spindle design. They provide high torque – based on their size – and make it possible to provide high machining performance even at lower speeds.

This is made possible by asynchronous and synchronous motors which are specially designed for this application, as well as through efficient spindle cooling. The motors have high power density and good efficiency.



Example: The HV-P 150 – 45000 spindle is available in two motor designs

Key performance and torque figures

GMN offers high-speed spindles with a broad variety of sizes and performance data.

Various motor performance figures are available to fit your requirements.

Designs with large field weakening range are an economical solution if the power requirement is not very high in the upper rotation speed range.






Synchronous motors with permanent magnet rotors

GMN provides high-quality synchronous motors with permanent magnet rotors for very high requirements for spindle performance or for very high rotation speed (UHS spindles).

  • Very high power and torque densitiy
  • Low rotor losses (no slip) reduce load-dependent heating in critical areas of the spindle.
  • The permanent magnet motor allows for implementing very stiff spindle shafts with high critical rotation speeds.
  • Very high peripheral rotor speeds can be achieved using suitable CFRP braces (peripheral speed up to 260 meters/sec for UHS spindles).



Performance comparison: HV-P 150 – 30000/26 with asynchronous and synchronous motors


Performance comparison: HV-P 150 – 30000/26 with asynchronous and synchronous motors