Drilling → GMN drilling spindles

GMN offers a variety of drilling spindles and other spindle solutions which guarantee outstanding manufacturing results. These solutions can be extended or optimized for customer needs for very different drilling applications, such as deep-hole drilling and use in rotary index machines.


Source: SAMAG 

Deep-hole drilling

High speed, outstanding circular accuracy and high load capacity in the axial direction, as well as the optional high-pressure coolant feed through the shaft (100 to 200 bar) are our spindle characteristics for this application.

GMN has the optimal solution for this with its products – used as drilling spindle (such as HV-P, HSP and TSE series).


Source: Alzmetall 

Rotary index machines

Spindles which can be deployed flexibly for manual tool change, motor or external-driven, are used here (such as the HSP, HSP…g, HV-P, TSE and TS series).

Also versions for automatic tool change (such as the HCS and HGC series), with or without high-pressure rotary designs for coolant feed through the spindle shaft.

Depending upon the deployment or application with very different tool interfaces: HSK, clamping holders or special interfaces as per customer specifications.