Machine tools

GMN is one of the leading manufacturers of machine tool spindles in the world. This technical skill flows into continuous improvement of our bearing technology. GMN develops application-specific special solutions in close collaboration with customers from all areas of modern machine tools.


Precision guaranteed

Market knowledge

At GMN, one knows how customers can survive in intensive, global competition. Bearings significantly influence the performance of machines and processing centers, and is the first and most precise part of a long and also highly precise manufacturing chain. Examples of applications:

  • Precision grinding machines for machining injection nozzles
  • Multi-spindle manufacturing machines for the manufacture of engine and gearbox blocks
  • Machining lines for series components with the highest speed
  • Painting equipment


The challenge for mechanical engineering:

  • High n x dm values with oil and grease lubrication
  • Bearing systems
  • Materials (steel, ceramics, PEEK)
  • Maximum precision special designs (rings, cages)


Optimized Engineering

Flexibility is key for us – an unavoidable part of our whole concept.

  • Manufacturing of small quantities under production conditions
  • Determination of suitable lubricants with the support of competent lubricant manufacturers
  • Special designs such as cages, tuning, contact angle and bearing games
  • Own test benches help in the preparation of reliable practice data
  • Optimized bearing configurations permits the highest speed characteristics

Request for special bearings

Optimized Engineering


Rotation for machine spindles

  • Set of three spindle bearings (TBT) based on the SN 619 series
  • Oversized version
  • Covered on both sides
  • Ceramic balls (Si3N4)
  • n = 36.000 min-1
  • TXM cage
  • Lifetime lubrication

Bearings for painting spindles

  • Spindle bearing set based on the SN 60 series
  • Oversized version
  • Covered on both sides to shield against turbine air
  • Ceramic balls (Si3N4)
  • n = 40.000 min-1
  • TXM-cage
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Outer diameter DLC coated for optimized loose bearing function (friction, fretting corrosion)