Milling → GMN milling spindles

Maximum load capabilities, extreme precision and permanent high availability are essential when manufacturing automobile components, in machine tool and die construction as well as at high-performance aluminum machining. GMN milling spindles are the solution for these applications.



Automobile manufacturing

High-frequency motor spindles for automatic tool change (such as the HCS series), often also used for internal or external minimum volume lubrication, are used here. Despite permanent start/stop operation and related tool change, GMN milling spindles are characterized by their high reliability.



Tool and die manufacturing

Spindles for these applications (such as the HC and HCS series) provide the highest precision at very high speed for sometimes micro-precise manufacturing results.

GMN offers milling spindle types at various speed and performance levels. A unique and great benefit is the preferred use of our own-manufactured UP quality high-precision ball bearings (better than P2).

These spindles are also offered with optional sensors to compensate for shaft growth in the process.




It is important to master operating parameters within the limits of technical possibilities in high-performance aluminum machining. GMN is one of the technology leaders in this area, and is able to offer reliable and robust milling spindles for machining performance of up to 15 L/min.

The design of the bearing is extremely important for sometimes extremely high loads when machining titanium and other materials which are difficult to process. Here ist pays out to use our mostly own-manufactured high-precision ball bearings.

GMN also offers compact and high-performance milling spindles for special applications which are designed for use in 5-axis milling heads (such as the HCS series).