Tool loading

Provides secure tool clamping as well as a high degree of concentricity for automatic or manual change.

Tool holder for manual tool change

GMN standard tool interface:
Internal taper with a flat contact face

Due to the very high maximum speeds in the UHS series, a GMN standard tool interface is selected with an internal taper and flat contact face and insertion threads, which provides secure connection between the shaft and the tool over the entire speed range of the respective spindle.


GMN standard tool interface:
Fit bores with flat contact face

GMN‘s high-speed series HS, HV-X and HSX spindles are fitted with standard tool interface, fit bores and a flat contact face, and insertion threads which have been proven for decades.


Taper hollow shaft with a flat contact face:
HSK-C as per DIN 69893

The various forms differ in regards to their driver cavity and their attachment system. The C-form was especially developed for use in manual tool changing systems.

Tools with A and C cone hollow shafts can be held in series HSP/HV-P series. HSP/HV-P spindles can be operated in both rotational directions with the HSK interface.



Tool interface for automatic tool change

Taper hollow shaft with a flat contact face:
HSK as per DIN 69893


Steep taper shaft with flat contact face:
SK as per DIN 69871



Polygonal hollow-shaft taper with flat contact face:
PSC as per ISO 26623-1