When developing special solutions, GMN works closely with the customer to design synchronous or asynchronous motors. The most advanced computing processes and multi-variable optimization techniques are used to meet customer requirements.
The combination of analytical computing processes with models and simulations (FEM – finite element methods) results in system-optimized electric drives. These drives are designed using the most advanced CAD tools and with the benefit of GMN’s wealth of experience. By adopting this approach, GMN manufactures high- efficient complete motors which exactly meet and satisfy customer requirements.


The optimal drive solution combines the customer’s application knowledge with the drive manufacturer’s technical expertise. Only by working closely together, they are able to identify a system-optimized, innovative and ground-breaking solution to a drive-related problem. Therefore, when searching for the optimum drive solution, various aspects need to be considered and coordinated.


Any custom solution starts with the customer’s description of requirements. This includes an initial rough description of the application and performance requirement details already known.

Based on these customer specifications, the experts at GMN draw up a requirements profile in consultation with the customer that not only lists the technical details but also defines the customer’s optimization objectives. Various priorities can be set according to the application, industry and use case. Only by taking this comprehensive approach is GMN able to find the best solution for a particular need.
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GMN’s computational expertise in high-speed electric drives provides the basis on which customer-specific complete systems are devised in a multi-stage process. The customer’s specification informs every stage of the selection criteria that are applied to the process. This ensures that the chosen variant is always the optimal one for the customer.
From one stage to the next, fewer variants are considered while computational accuracy increases. The process therefore ensures that no interesting solutions are lost and the precision of the computational results for the customer’s design is not diminished.
The combination of computational tools and their efficient linking enables GMN to consider a large number of variants in a short span of time with maximum precision. The customer quickly receives an optimized solution that satisfies the most rigorous precision requirements.
The computational process also factors in non-electrical considerations:

  • Thermal behavior
  • Mechanical strength
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Bearing design


Precise, optimized, transparent: Modern methods and tools are used in the design phase to move from the development stage into a real product. Drawings, installation instructions and data sheets document the entire development process and all data relevant to the finished GMN electric drive.
If required, we can also prepare customer-specific documents that can be integrated into the customer’s existing documentation quickly and easily.


GMN’s state-of-the-art quality management system ensures the product quality throughout the production process. From planning to production, the GMN production standard uses special testing processes and assurance measures to guarantee the quality of every single component. Regardless of the number of units, our customers receive high-performance motor products that not only meet but also exceed their requirements.