High cleanliness requirements

In the chemical and food industry, the highest demands are placed on cleanliness and particle purity. In contrast to contact seals, no material wear due to friction contact occurs with non-contact seal components from GMN. This can reliably prevent fouling in the machine and the product with abrasion particles. GMN labyrinth plastic seals also have a high resistance to a variety of acids (lactic acids), chemicals (cleaning process) and fungi.


Application examples


Packaging industry

In packaging machines for food, a high level of precision and cleanliness often has to be achieved at high speeds. The CF seal protects the packaging material from lubricant particles (grease/oil) from the bearings.

Bearing seal against resulting spray water

A water jet with a pressure of up to 6.000 bar is used during water jet cutting. The procedure is also used in the food industry, for example, when processing frozen fish. Non-contact plastic seals offer effective protection and resistance to spray water occurring during machining.


Chemical industry

Our non-contact seals made from plastic are particularly suited for use in the chemical industry. The plastic (POM) offers a high level of resistance to a wide range of chemicals.