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GMN grease-lubricated spindle bearings ensure reliable and maintenance-free operation over the bearings’ entire life. Oil-air- lubrication offers targeted lubrication to the bearing and is especially suitable for very high rotation speeds.

Constant grease lubrication

The high-performance greases selected by GMN for bearing lubrication are optimized for grease volume and quality for the lifetime of installed GMN ball bearings.

No additional spindle lubrication is needed.

Constant grease lubrication is characterized by its low technical expense and low lifecycle costs due to:

  • Maintenance free
  • Simplified system technology
  • Reduced operating costs (no oil consumption)
  • No oil residue
  • Environmentally friendly

Oil-air lubrication

Oil-air lubrication offers targeted lubrication to the bearing and is especially suitable for very high rotation speeds.

The lubricant is transported in intervals (cycle time), using a stream of air into a feed hose, and distributed at the necessary intervals evenly to the lubrication points.

Oil-air lubrication ensures the highest efficacy in regards to use and lubrication effects at maximum rotation speeds:


  • Minimal friction losses
  • Low heat generation
  • High operating safety
  • Adjustable lubricant supply
  • Low oil consumption
  • Low oil mist formation



Air-tight seal

Continuous air supply from the ring gap between the shaft and housing seals the working side of the spindle against contamination from grinding parts and liquids, and also ensures long bearing life even in rough operating conditions.

Air-tight seal for grease lubrication (standard)

GMN standard series grease-lubricated spindles are equipped with a barrier air seal.

  • Protection against contamination of the spindle
Air-tight seal for oil-air lubrication (optional)

GMN spindles with oil-air lubrication are available as an option with an air-tight seal.

  • Protect against spindle contamination
  • Minimal oil leakst

GMN lubricating units

You can find information about GMN lubricating units for concomitant as well as separately controlled oil supply for up to two spindles in the “Accessories” area under “Cooling and Lubrication Units”.