Bearing systems

In addition to our special bearings, GMN develops and manufactures ready-to-install, complex bearing systems. By assigning your entire bearing project to GMN you can fully focus on your core competencies.



Where individual bearings are no longer a solution, bearing systems can be the key to your success. It does not make any difference whether your application is equipped with high-precision optics or runs under extreme ambient conditions. Bearing systems give your product a unique selling proposition and by using a modular approach can grow into economic variant diversity  Individual requirements for lubrication, used materials, needed sizes and required precision are considered.

The challenges for bearing systems:
  • All components must meet the technical requirements regarding quality and composition
  • Material selection, bearing design, machining, cleaning and assembly must be carefully coordinated
  • Suitable choice of lubricants for maximum bearing system life
  • Cost optimization by adapting production quality to the requirements of our customers
Key performance criteria are:
  • System functionality
  • Selection of suitable materials for the application
  • Cleanliness of the components, thereby ensuring high purity of the bearing system and avoiding contamination, such as in optical applications
  • Low vibration and low friction
  • Perfect system fit to the connection point


Often the success of a product relies on the interplay of many details, which are far more than the design of a ball bearing. In the end, they all must fit perfectly. In this way, corrugated seats, housing fittings and internal positioning forces are optimized for the respective application situation, and the lubricant used can not show any negative side effects in conjunction with the given work environment. We offer:


  • Experience in the design of bearings and spindles
  • Design implementation of the concepts
  • Development of tribology concepts
  • Know-how from various fields of application
Manufacturing and procurement:
  • Precision balanced components and unit
  • Suitable suppliers for special requirements
  • Suitable test equipment to ensure quality
  • Precision processing as inhouse core competence
  • Highly accurate components
  • Experience in handling demanding systems
  • Extreme cleanliness with high requirement for the cleanliness of the bearing system

Application examples



General characteristics:
  • Slide-in or complete bearing systems
  • Temperature-compensated or spring-preloaded design
  • Full-spherical bearings
  • Speeds up to 200 Hz
  • Systems with heat brakes
  • Temperatures up to approx. 400 °C
  • Pb-coated balls
  • Running noise <52 dB
Computer tomography:
  • Temperatures up to approx. 550 °C
  • Ag-coated balls
  • Centrifugal forces up to 16 g
  • Running noise <55 dB

Excimer Laser – Fan roller bearings

  • Use of stainless steels and high-quality aluminum alloys
  • Magnetic clutch, special fan-roller clutch
  • Precision balanced components and unit
  • Highly accurate components
  • Lubricants adapted to media and tribotechnics
  • Plasma cleaning and vacuum packaging
  • Modular system for economical version design

Bearing systems for optical applications

  • Shafts with bearing under fixed or spring preload
  • Customized designs and external geometries, such as flange bearings, bearings in oversize, etc.
  • Bearing systems with running tracks on the shaft
  • Bearing units from housings, bearings and shafts

Use our experience and benefit from:

  • Reduced development time and costs
  • A system partner for engineering, manufacturing and after sales
  • Simplified logistics by having complete assemblies delivered


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