GMN Spindle Service

With more than ten GMN authorized GMN service centers throughout the world, we offer our customers over 80 years of experience in the development and production of machine spindles. Our extensive service network ensures that we can offer expert advice as well as long term maintenance and quick repairs. If the spindle function is compromised, GMN service technicians are on-site quickly to ensure that our customers maintain maximum productivity. Equipped with the latest technology, GMN repair service guarantees a detailed cause analysis and professional service – worldwide.


24h Service-Hotline

+49 (0) 911 5691 600



In planning machine systems and selecting the right spindles, GMN supports its customers with professional know how and broad experience.

  • Analysis of performance requirements
  • Spindle selection, service life calculation, characteristic values, installation dimensions, etc.
  • Interfaces, tool selection, grinding mandrels
  • Retrofitting of competitive products
  • Special solutions
  • Cooling units, lubrication units



On request, GMN supports commissioning of spindles and spindle systems with its highly trained professionals. This can be performed by authorized contract partners abroad.

  • Check the setting data on lubrication and cooling systems
  • Availability of required accessory products
  • Checking the spindle operation, including vibration and bearing condition analysis





In the rare event of a spindle malfunction, or an issue with less than expected performance, GMN offers comprehensive examination procedures which provide root cause and solutions to remedy the situation. These include:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Microscopic and metrological bearing testing
  • Lubricant testing
  • Computational test (e.g. control of preload)
  • Analysis of weaknesses


Through detailed results of the spindle analysis and the availability of technical special equipment, individual solutions result which ensure a reliable repair of the spindle and its sustainable operation.

  • Determination of the causes of spindle disturbances or inadequate processing results
  • Repair
  • Avoidance of the same or similar disturbances
  • Spindle optimization with regard to machining requirements.



Comprehensive, transparent, on schedule: The GMN spindle repair service  guarantees a lasting repair of your spindles. In five steps – receiving inspection, disassembly, cost estimate, repair authorization and function check – our experienced, competent employees offer expert advice, a comprehensive analysis of all components, clear documentation of all work steps and, of course, expert correction of all irregularities so that your spindle works like new again as quickly as possible.


GMN offers qualified training at customer sites as well as in our facilities, in the theory and practice of the proper use of GMN high-frequency spindles. The topics and contents of the training is established to meet customer requirements.

  • Essentials: Products, designs, materials, accuracies and tolerances
  • Engineering: Nomenclature, spindle selection, lubrication, calculation
  • Maintenance: Workplace design, tools, control measures, lubrication, installation




The functionality, effectiveness and lifetime of your spindle can be increased with the right accessories.