Freewheel clutch insert elements with cage spring

The brand-new series FE 400 KA has been developed and designed specifically for bike-applications. The spring-preload is now integrated into the cage-design: The cage-spring system! This patent pending design combines highest torque capacity in minimized space with highest reliability. At the same time, the weight of the freewheel clutch is noticeably reduced due to the less number of sprags.


Freewheel clutch insert elements with cage spring FE 400 KA

Customized Design.


  • Sprag profile: Standard M or B, overload protection included
  • Sprag hight: 4 mm
  • Shaft diameter: from d = 20…60 mm
  • Installed width: 12 mm
  • Operating temperature: max. 140 °C
  • Indexing frequency: max. 5 Hz
  • Lubrication: Oil or grease lubrication; delivered rust-protected only

For series production a tool for the injection mold process is requested.
MOQ: 5,000 pcs.

FE 400 KA_Produktseite_Bild-1
FE 400 KA_Produktseite_Bild-2


  • Insert element

    FE 400 M / B

  • Spring

    Cage spring

  • Cage

    Plastic (PA)

  • Sprags

    Hardened bearing steel
    Start gap height h0 = 4 mm

  • Raceways

  • Ball bearing

  • Roller bearing

  • Lubrication

  • Seal