Comparison and Advantages

Thanks to the non-contact design of the inner and outer ring, GMN labyrinth seals guarantee completely frictionless operation and therefore offer a wide range of benefits for a whole host of applications and uses.

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Non-contact and contact seals in comparison


Advantages of non-contact seals

Technical advantages
  • No wear
  • Rated for high rotating speeds
  • Sealing efficiency is independent from direction of rotation
  • No abrasion, no contamination


Thermal advantages
  • No frictional heat increase
  • No thermal effects to the surrounding application


Functional advantages
  • Maintenance free
  • Constant sealing efficiency during operation
  • No adjustment required
  • No lubrication required (approved for dry operation)
Economic advantages
  • No hardening or grinding of mating parts
  • Unlimited lifetime – no replacement due to the non-contact design
  • Cost saving component instead of expensive self made labyrinth
  • Less maintenance results in higher machine yield
  • No frictional loss results in reduced demand to engine output


Ecological advantages
  • Operation without friction saves energy