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Based on our many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality machine components, GMN has specialized in the area of high-precision ball bearings as well as the production of high-performance and long-lived deep groove and spindle ball bearings.

Certification under international standards ensures the highest precision in the development and manufacturing of GMN ball bearings and guarantees constant, outstanding qualities related to speed suitability, stability and longevity.

The broad product range includes a large selection of standard solutions as well as requirements-tailored special designs.



Benefits for our customers:

  • Top precision
  • Maximum speed suitability
  • High wear-resistance
  • Many sizes
  • High operating safety
  • Low operating temperature
  • High durability
  • Requirements-tailored ball bearings (special bearings)
  • Complete support for complex bearing projects (bearing systems)

Standard bearings

GMN manufactures spindle and deep groove ball bearings to meet – or even exceed – the highest precision classes P4 and ABEC 7. Our reliability, precision and quality set international standards.

GMN Spindle ball bearings

Series S
Series SM
Series KH

- Special design oil lubrication

Version +A
Version +AB
Version +L
Version +LB

- Special design grease lubrication

Version +AG
KL_BF_SL_AG_2 Optimized for maximum speed and service life

- Special design separable type

Series BNT
KL_BF_SL_BNT_2b Ball retaining cage, guided on outer ring
Series BHT
KL_BF_SL_BHT_2b Ball retaining cage, guided on outer ring

GMN deep groove ball bearings

Series 60../62..
KL_BF_RL_6062_2 Standard

- Special design greased

Series Z
KL_BF_RL_Z_2 With one shield
Series 2Z
KL_BF_RL_2Z_2 With two shields
Series X2Z
KL_BF_RL_X2Z_2 Extra-wide design with two shields

Special bearings

For many applications such as machine tools, medical devices, vacuum and measuring equipment, as well as complex bearing systems, GMN develops and offers special ball bearings which meet our customers’ specified requirements.

Bearing systems

In addition to our special bearings, GMN develops and manufactures ready-to-install, complex bearing systems. By assigning your entire bearing project to GMN you can fully focus on your core competencies.

Using GMN ball bearings

GMN high-precision ball bearings provide unrivaled running precision and are outstanding in a variety of applications. Take a look at an impressive application example from the navigation equipment industry.

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Manufacturing skill

GMN manufacturing technologies are optimized to meet the requirements of high-precision ball bearings and complex bearing systems.


GMN’s high-precision ball bearings are ideal for high-performance machine components. The outstanding characteristics are the result of intensive research and years of experience.


Correct storage and installation preparation as well as correct grease distribution are essential to efficient use and long service life of GMN ball bearings.


More than 50 % of all storage damage results from insufficient lubrication, more than 40 % are caused by design and installation faults as well as contamination.

Our service can help you to avoid these and similar errors.