Resistance of plastic seals

Resistance of the materials

The corrosion-free material properties mean that the plastic seals from GMN are particularly well-suited for protecting against water-based liquids.

TK acetal resins are also resistant to water and detergent solutions at higher temperatures. The low water absorption (max. 0.8%) is an advantage here.


Chemical resistant

Polyoxymethylene demonstrates high resistance against many acids (lactic acid), chemicals and mold.

The acetal resin our seals are made of is resistant against a large variety of chemicals such as: the most of the common organic solvents, alcohols, esters, ketones, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, greases and oils.

Alkaloid water and base even at higher temperature do not harm the material.

Another advantage of this material is the very low value of water pickup (max. 0.8%).
On the other hand this material may not be used to seal against oxidants and organic and inorganic acids (pH < 4).

GMN non-contact plastic seals are approved for the food industry.

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