Cooling and Lubrucatiob units



PRELUB GP, the electronically controlled lubrication unit, is optimally matched to oil-air lubricated GMN spindles and guarantees a long service life.

The precisely regulated dosage of lubricant ensures effective bearing lubrication and maximum operational reliability during start-up and shut-down phases.

With its 4 connections (maximum), this lubrication unit is capable of simultaneously providing individual supplies to a maximum of 2 spindles while requiring only a minimum amount of space.

Connection to a conventional PC computer supports clearly comprehensible operation with a multi-lingual menu structure.



Front view PRELUP GP

  • Up to 4 internal or external (GP 0: e.g. 1 x 4-fold mixing distributors) lubrication point connections
  • Separate evaluation of fill level
  • Electronic control with display
  • Very convenient to operate
  • Menu languages: DE, ENG, ES, FR, IT, JP, CN
  • PRELUB GP 2 (standard) – 2 lubrication point connections
  • PRELUB GP 4 – 4 lubrication point connections
  • PRELUB GP 0 for external mixing distributors – max. 4 lubrication point connections
Side view PRELUP GP 


  • Compressed air filter/regulator with manometer: filter unit 5 μm
  • Enable signal for the machine controller following checks on: oil level, oil pressure rise and drop, air pressure, pre-lub cycle
  • Timer: for adapting the cycle time to oil viscosity and spindle dataaten
  • Conveyed volume mixing distributor: 30 mm3 (standard) or 10 mm3 (UHS series) per lubrication pulse
  • Lubrication point connections: for PVC pipe 6 x 1
  • Line voltage: 90 … 260 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Air supply G1/4″: pmin = 5 bar, pmax = 10 bar
  • Plug-in connection for power and signal transfers
  • Dimensions: approx. 484 x 432 x 222 mm (W x H x D) / protection class IP 55
  • Color: RAL 7032 structure (pebble gray); other colors on request
  • Max. back-up fuse: 6 A


Accessory parts necessary for assembly, e.g. lubrication hoses, hydraulic and compressed air hoses, monitor manometer and filtered lubrication oil, are available from GMN.


Automatic time lapse

1. Start pre-lube (enable signal to operate the spindle not issued)

2. Multiple lubrication pulses within a short time, depending on the length of line between spindle and mixing distributor (pre-lube cycle)

3. Enable signal following expiration of the pre-lube time

4. Transition to normal cycle (cycle time) according to GMN operating instructions

The length of the pre-lube period depends on the length of connected lubrication lines.

(Details: see operating instructions)

Expiration of the pre-lube time 


Filtration of the oil and air supplies are necessary to ensure the unit provides a long-term, consistent lubricating function.

The cartridges intended for a routine maintenance filter change are available from GMN.



The use of filtered oils with friction and wear reducing additives ensures long-term reliable operation of the spindle at maximum speeds.

Detailed specifications for the necessary lubricants as well as rules for cycle times and lubrication pressures are provided in the operating instructions included in the delivery complement.



Coolant supply

Reducing the heat caused by operation and achieving maximum spindle performance depend on a reliable supply of coolant in the necessary quantity and at the proper temperature.

GMN cooling units ensure the precise coolant temperature and volume regulation necessary to obtain constant low operating temperatures.

Highly precise regulation accuracy reduces axial shaft elongations caused by temperature fluctuations of the coolant.


Model F (similar to figures) 
Model T (similar to figures) 


  • Coolant: CFC-free
  • Coolant temperature: 20°C – 25°C
  • Regulation accuracy: model T: ± 2°K / model F: ± 1°K
  • High-precision regulation accuracy (on request): (for minimal axial spindle shaft elongation) model T: ± 1.2°K / model F: ± 0.5°K
  • Permissible ambient temperature: + 42°C
  • Connections for multiple spindles on request: (parallel or series connection)
  • Coolant sensor: level and flow volume monitoring with fault alert contact
  • Color: model F: RAL 5019 (capri blue) / model T: RAL 9005 (deep black) / other RAL colors on request


1) In addition to high pressure monitoring, also low pressure monitoring of the coolant circuit.
2) At 37 °C ambient temperature and 20 °C water temperature. Performance drops at higher ambient temperatures.
3) Other voltages and frequencies possible on request.
4) Assumption: spindle power ≥ 80 kW results in a reduced cooling performance requirement of 12% or 10% based on the spindle power.