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GMN insert elements require hardened and ground mating parts. Insert elements can be found in almost all branches of industry.

Very often our small insert elements are used in applications with little mounting space.


stringbikeThis stringbike is provided with GMN freewheel-clutches. With a revolutionary drive technology the company Stringbike goes in the market. 






The company "Robbe" is fitting GMN insert elements in their model helicopters. The insert element transmits torque to the rotor. When the motor stops the rotor overruns the clutch, becomes slower and enables so the helicopter to a smooth landing.

"Greiner GmbH & Co. Verpackungsgeräte" uses GMN insert elements series FR in their packing tools.

With these tools flexible steel or plastic tapes are lashed around transport pallets to fix the goods.




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The company Stringbike enters the market with a revolutionary new drive system - provided with GMN-freewheel-clutches.