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Freewheel clutches


GMN freewheels are unidirectional couplings, transmitting or supporting torque in one direction by friction and allowing idling in the opposite direction.

The animation shows the operating of our GMN freewheel clutches.

The standard sizes range

On the following pages you can find all the information of our clutches.




The entire production line of our clutches has been
successfully certified according to DIN ISO 9001.
GMN seals are synonymous with quality.





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Freewheel clutches

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Freewheel clutches

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Movie: Freewheel clutches

Freiläufe Video Helikopter

You will see an
application of a
GMN Freewheel clutch.

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The company Stringbike enters the market with a revolutionary new drive system - provided with GMN-freewheel-clutches.